Trade Seminar: Of Grape & Site

What did the winemaker see in the site, the blend, or the clone that compelled them to make at least two different expressions of the same grape? We love introducing our friends, colleagues, and guests to how the same grape can taste so different depending on a number of factors. Here, we taste side-by-side with the winemaker as to why they chose to make two different labels of the same thing. We’ll see what they saw.


Synchromesh Wines – Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada
w/ Alan Dickinson, Owner/Winemaker/Farmer

Bachelder – Burgundy/Oregon/Ontario
w/ Thomas Bachelder, Winemaker

Cambria Estate Vineyard and Winery – Santa Maria Valley, California, USA
w/ Denise Shurtleff, Winemaker

Vietti – Piedmont, Italy
w/ Luca Currado, Founding Family/Winemaker/CEO

Bookwalter Wines – Columbia Valley, Washington State
w/ John Bookwalter, Owner/Winemaker

Moderated by:

Shane Taylor

100% of your ticket price goes to the B.C. Hospitality Foundation

*Please note: Due to limited space, we kindly request that all trade seminar attendees are actively employed in the wine, restaurant, hotel or wine-retail industry. Sign-in with place of employment will be required upon entry. We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for supporting the B.C. Hospitality Foundation!

Shane Taylor
CinCin Ristorante & Bar
1154 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
$20 w/ 100% of your ticket price going to the B.C. Hospitality Foundation